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The Race Course

An important place located in the central part of udagamandalam. usually horse races is conducted in summer season, from April to June. The main reason Behind the time of occurrence of this sport event is that, In summer due to vacation and to enjoy the cool climate people use to come large in numbers.

Upper Bhavani

This spot is at a distance of 60 km form ooty. But from avalanche it is some what nearer at a distance of 20 km. Unlike other places of ooty this is spot is filled with undisturbed wild Habitat. Trekking the valleys from Bhangithappal via Sispera is an immersive pleasure.

Wenlock Downs

Compared to other parts of udagamandalam, this Region could be seen with some Modern establishments, The Hindustan photo Films Company is one among them which adds pride to our country. Other important places to visit here are the government sheep farm and the Gymkhana club. This club is a marked placed for sports like Golf and Tennis. Loitering on the long roads of this spot is an extremely different and Joyous experience.

Western Catchments

Distance of this place from ooty is about 20 km. Beautiful and eye-catching place consisting of meadows down the valley. The depression a point of this valley is fully occupied by grasses offering a green carpet as a symbol of country’s Green Revolution. A Nice hunt for cameras.

Kandal cross

It is a Roman catholic church. The cross in every Roman Catholic Church is believed to have the same power as the cross, in which Jesus Christ was crucified. This was brought in the period apostle’s empire. Every Friday special prayers are been reformed.

The Museum

A very beautiful collection of rare thing could be seen in this museum. It was established in the year 1989. Some important preserved things in this museum are kuruinji flowers, rare insects, timber, stone sculptures, Bronze sculptures, model of toda’s residential places (huts) and more. The curator of museums maintains this museum.

Kurthukulli Guiness Record village

Nature has given an eminent place in its record book for ooty. Besides the natural beauty and pride a village near ooty called Kurthukulli has fetched guiness world record title to ooty. An event of Planting 42,184 saplings in an area of 72 acres at a time spell of 24 hours, is that record attempt which overtook the prior record of planting 34,083 saplings in the same time ( That was done in Canada) This victory was achieved with the help of 300 volunteers from all around the village.


Located at a distance of 25 km from ooty. A place that should not be missed. A dam called Canada dam is seen here. An exotic experience of mountain trekking could be realized in this place. Green valleys around Avalanche and a top view or Hawk’s view, By which the Beauty of a large area of udagamnadalam could be seen are important ones. A nice hunt for photographic Beauties. A Williamwordsworth sleeping in every one’s inner mind would definitely waked up in view of this place.

Kalhatty water falls

This water falls could be seen in ooty mysore route at a distance of 13 km from ooty. The road runs via the Kalhatty Ghats. As the waterfalls come from a steeper mountain, this place is best for mountain trekking. But falls could be seen in a particular season from September to November. The height of this falls is 40 m .A very nice place to enjoy.

Ketti Valley view

Situated on the coonoor Road This valley is the second largest valley in the world. This region is a seen with larger constellations of villages, that forms the parts of coimbatore and mysore. An exclusive spot in ooty.

Boat House Lake

Even though the name of this lake is boat House Lake, people use to call this lake as ooty lake. The British ruler called john Sullivan has constructed this beautiful lake in the years 1823-1825. He was the first collector of udagmandalm. To enjoy the riding in this lake there are various types of aquatic vehicles including pedal Boats, Row boats and aqua bikes. Not only the watersports but, things like Dancing cars and Mini Trains are the perks given to the Tourists. Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation takes charge for maintaining this Boat house lake. A place called Lake Park jolly world is also located in this Boat house lake. A Pleasant and pleasing feeling could be realized by visiting this place.


This is the name of a river in this district. It is believed to be the largest in the place. The old Tribals called Todas Believed this River as a Holy one and they were worshipping this river in days of yore. It arises at the peak called mukurthi. The entire passage of this river is through the hills a large. Taking a North Direction this river turns west atlast when it reaches the edge of this plateau. When Pykara River runs down the plateau two Beautiful falls ranging from 55 m to 60 m are seen. These Two falls are called pykara falls. Like, the Boat houses in Ooty Lake a Boat house is also present here maintained by the Tamilnadu Tourism development corporation.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sancturies

The most prominent of the wildlife sanctuaries in the state, as well as one of the most important in the southern region, thickly forested Mudumalai borders the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka and the Wyanad Sanctuary in Kerala. Apart from the wide range of animal and bird life, the rich fauna of this sanctuary has made Mudumalai very popular with wildlife enthusiasts.


It is 31 kms. from Udhagamandalam. The climate is very salubrious which is 6503 feet above sea level. Kotagiri is shielded by the Doddabetta ranges which receives much of its rain from north west monsoon. One can enjoy a pleasure ride on road flanked by green tea beds on either side.

It is located in an area of 13.2 sq on the way from Coimbatore to Udhagamandalam. It is second largest hill station in the Nigiris. It stands on a lower ridge of the plateau at an altitude of 1858 mts. ( 6100 ft.) Population is 48003.

Mukurthi Peak and Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi Peak is about 40 km from Ooty. The Mukurthi National Park is located on the South Eastern corner of the Nilgiris. The area contains a viable population of Nilgiri Thar(Hamitragus hilocrius). The silent valley is located on the western side of these ranges. Fascinating feature of the Mukurthi Sanctuary is its variety and similarities to Himalayan Flora and Fauna.


Located at a distance of 28kms from Ooty. A beautiful lake surrounded by a thick shola where even sunlight cannot penetrate and abundant with a wide variety of avifauna is a Nature Lover's Paradise.


The road to Coonoor is the same till Mudumalai and Masinagudi. It is another 35 km to Udhagamandalam, better known as Ooty and 18 more to Coonoor. The drive beyond Masinagudi entails 35 hairpin bends and though these are very enjoyable drives, the trouble is, everyone else seems to think so too. Watch out therefore for maniacs coming tearing down from the opposite side. Masinagudi used to be an elephant corridor. So don't be too surprised if you do see some wild tuskers on the road. Apart from the scenic beauty of the road, the drive through Masinagudi is charming in itself.

The road between Ooty and Coonoor is quite forested with hills looming in the distance. Again, there are blind turns and you have to be very careful around the corners. Coonoor town seems as crowded as Ooty but, a little distance away from the centre of the city peace descends again. Coonoor is more charming as it has quaint houses, old churches and not too many visitors as compared to its more famous neighbouring city. Ooty and its rolling hills give way to snarling traffic in the centre of town which is thankfully bypassed for a smooth drive on the way to Coonoor.

More peaceful and a lot greener and immensely charming, the first impression you get in Coonoor is that the air smells funny. But then, to our smog-loaded olfactory senses, fresh air always smells funny. The second assault on your senses will be the amount of green all around. There are more greens here than on a Pantone shade card.